Sculptra®: lets see the treatment with prolactic acid

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The prolactic acid which is marketed as SCULPTRA®, allows to obtain excellent results in Aesthetic Medicine.

It is in fact used for:

  • superficial wrinkles
  • small post acne scars
  • small scar lesions
  • natural skin folds
  • drooping cheekbones
  • reshaping cheekbones or chin
  • dark circles (when they are typical of aging)

How does the treatment work?

After being diluted in a sterile solution, the polylactic acid is injected very slowly into the sub-dermal layer through syringes with very thin needles.

In this way the synthesis of collagen is gradually and progressively stimulated and an increase in volume can be appreciated over the weeks.

In order to give again turgor to the face, but also in other areas according to the indications of the Aesthetic Doctor, from 4 to 6 weeks the results reach their maximum development.

Is it a painful operation?

Treatment with Sculptra® is NOT an operation but an outpatient treatment, however, as it is carried out through injections we cannot say that it is totally painless. However, the Aesthetic Doctor will be able to make the treatment as less unpleasant as possible through local anesthetic substances.

What are the benefits?

Unlike cosmetic surgery, treatment with polylactic acid is not only a valid alternative but is minimally invasive and the results are long-lasting (12-30 months). It also has few side effects, it does not change facial expressions. It can also be used in other locations, depending on the doctor’s instructions, other than the face. these can be the arms, buttocks, thighs and for the treatment of cellulite, other treatments are for example mesotarapia, cavitation, HIFU and LESC.

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