Bio-revitalizing threads: indications for treatment

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How to achieve a lifting effect without the use of surgery?

There is a technique, which in the hands of an expert doctor, can give impressive results!

This technique consists of inserting bio-revitalizing threads under the skin of the face. These threads, normally used in medicine and surgery, are a tested and safe medical device, they are hypoallergenic and resorbable and have a lifting effect that restores the appearance of patients for years.

The mechanism of action works by stimulating the subcutaneous production of collagen. As the years progress, the loss of subcutaneous volume, together with the force of gravity that causes a weakening of the tone of the cheeks, lead the face to feel the weight of the years.

This technique helps the body to form new connective tissue capable of restoring the tone of the tissues.

Little curiosity? They leave a cooling effect on the face that patients refer to as very pleasant!

Features to keep in mind:

  • Minimally invasive: it is carried out in the clinic without the use of a scalpel;
  • It uses absorbable threads that the body
  • Hypoallergenic
  • NO scalpel!

The cost depends on the number of threads used, this is indicated by the visiting doctor. Write to me to have a non-binding interview and understand together which solution is best for you.