Microbotox: a new treatment

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The name can be misleading: it is not just the classic technique for Botox but in smaller quantities, but a technique in itself with fantastic results!

Using greater dilutions than usual, very low doses of botulinum toxin which acts in the deep dermis stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts are inoculated with the technique of micro-puffs, about 1 cm apart to cover the affected area.

It is the ideal treatment for patients with oily skin or acne, with excessive sweating who want to improve the texture of the skin, an elective therapy to counteract imperfections such as acne, enlarged pores, and widespread wrinkles.

What is it adapted for?

In fact, it reduces the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands, reducing, respectively, the production of sebum and sweat; modulates the activity of the erector hair muscles, responsible for the dilation of the pores; it weakens the superficial dermal insertions of the facial muscles to minimize wrinkles, giving a natural relaxing effect, avoiding the “frozen” effect.

How does it work?

The execution of the treatment takes a short time, it is practically painless, without leaving visible after-effects that can limit the resumption of work and social activity. Moderate local swelling destined to disappear in a maximum of 24 hours and bruises that are easy to cover with a colored compact cream are rare but possible.

What to expect?

From the first days following the treatment, it will be possible to notice a global improvement: a smoother, less oily, more homogeneous skin, with greater turgor and lifting effect.

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