Cool Lifting: let’s look to the cold facelift

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The innovative techniques of Aesthetic Medicine aim to bring results that allow the patient not to resort to surgery, thus avoiding operating theaters, anesthesia and invasive treatments.

When we talk about Cool Lifting we are talking about a device useful for this particular non-surgical lifting technique.

How the treatment works

The device uses CO2 (carbon dioxide (commonly used in Aesthetic Medicine) at low temperature to diffuse an ad hoc compound solution with cosmetic properties. The combined action of carbon dioxide in the gaseous state and solution with ingredients with cosmetic properties has the purpose of :

  • get results with exponential increase
  • increase skin hydration
  • stimulate the subcutaneous tissues

In particular, the combination of substances that are introduced through CO2 at a low temperature gives the skin a solution for the face that increases the natural elements of youth of the skin surface.

Furthermore, the low temperature of the CO2 helps the skin to create a firmer skin and with the specially designed solution a lifting and rejuvenating effect is created.

What should I expect

The results are noticeable from the first treatment, in particular a brighter and more hydrated skin. With more sessions you get a more lasting rejuvenation, more and more hydration of the skin and attenuation of the superficial roughness of the skin.

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