LESC Lipo Subcutaneous Emulsion

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What to do when we have fat located in some specific points of the body? Fortunately, there are several techniques and treatments that the Aesthetic Doctor can use. One of these is the LESC: Subcutaneous Lipo Emulsion. Let’s find out better.

What is the LESC?

Subcutaneous Lipo Emulsion is a very effective technique, capable of reducing localized fat deposits. It is also used for cellulite deposits and is a treatment that does not require the use of scalpels and is therefore much loved by patients, precisely because it can give excellent results from the first treatment.

How does it work?

LESC is a liposculpture technique that works by “melting” the fat using an ultrasonic multi-frequency technology that breaks down the lining of the fat cells. In this way the fat is reabsorbed and subsequently expelled from the normal lymphatic cycle. Biocompatible, 2mm titanium cannulas are used and ultrasounds are emitted only at the tip of the cannula. This makes the intervention very focused and for each district the duration ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.

Will I have flabby areas by reducing fat?

This type of treatment acts on the fibrotic support structure of fat and skin, thus resulting in a lifting effect in the treated area, with the skin adhering to the volume now reduced and thus reducing flaccidity phenomena.

  • it is an outpatient treatment
  • local anesthesia
  • no stitches

Ask an expert doctor for an opinion to find out if LESC is the treatment indicated for your case, each person is different and therefore a visit is necessary. For a free consultation do not hesitate to contact me.