Hairloss and Regenerative Medicine

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Hair loss is not always synonymous with baldness: a daily hair change, from 40 to 120 hairs per day, is normal. There are periods in which this physiological phenomenon of turnover intensifies, as in autumn and in general in the changes of seasons, then returning to a normal quantity at the end of the period.

However, sometimes there may be a cause of clinical origin and therefore it is better to have a check-up by the Dermatologist, perhaps specialized in trichology, who will be able to make an adequate diagnosis.

In fact, it could be alopecia, androgenetic or areata (if it particularly concerns some limited areas).

Hair loss affects 70% of men but also 40% of women, manifesting itself in a different way. If in men the areas most affected are the receding hairline and the central high / back area of ​​the head, in women it manifests itself by making the hair more sparse and thin in a widespread way.

There are many remedies both in terms of supplements and pharmacotherapy but the real revolution is provided to us by Regenerative Medicine and Autologous Medicine, or the Medicine that uses the regenerative potential of our own Mesenchymal Stem Cells naturally present in adipose tissue.

Given that a dead bulb cannot come back to life and therefore originate hair again, through Autologous Medicine we act on dormant bulbs, which are no longer able to give rise to new hair or which produce fine hair.

Stromal Vascular Fraction (stromal vascular component) rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells of adipose origin and growth factors are obtained from the adipose tissue through an outpatient, non-surgical sampling. This component of the patient himself is then grafted into the areas most affected by alopecia, thus giving new life and energy to the dormant bulbs that return over time to grow new hair and strengthen the existing hair.

Hair transplantation is therefore no longer the only solution, quite the contrary! If you have had a hair transplant, Autologous and Regenerative Medicine allows you to integrate new hair with the transplanted hair. The result is obviously a very natural result with great satisfaction on the part of patients, men and women.

Specifically, I use only the best qualitatively speaking, that is SEFFIHAIR. This device allows a safe and effective collection of the Stromal Vascular Fraction, and guarantees the collection at the appropriate depth to obtain the greatest concentration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells naturally present in the adipose tissue.

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