Chemical Peeling: an acne treatment

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Acne is a very common disease in adolescence that affects between 70-87% of young people, but not only. There are cures and treatments to heal and prevent the effects that leave obvious marks on the skin. But what to do and who to turn to when scrubs and exfoliating creams aren’t enough? Here the chemical peel becomes the most effective and definitive solution.

Chemical peeling is a dermo-aesthetic treatment indicated to speed up cell renewal and eliminate various types of skin blemishes.

What is it about?

The treatment involves the use of special substances, called “chemical exfoliants” which accelerate the natural exfoliation processes of the skin and stimulate cell turnover. Acid substances are able to cause cell necrosis by eliminating the more or less deep layer of the skin and subsequently stimulate the production of collagen and elastin: in this way, the regenerated skin will appear smoother, brighter and more uniform in color.

How does it happen?

Once the product has been applied to the affected areas, it is necessary to respect an application time that varies according to the type of exfoliant used and the imperfection to be treated. After the exposure time, the product is removed and the skin is carefully cleaned. Finally, it is possible to apply moisturizing products such as emollient masks or anti-wrinkle creams as the treatment considerably increases their absorption and therefore their effectiveness. Both before and after performing the chemical peel, to avoid unwanted effects, it is necessary to protect the skin from exposure to UV rays, natural or artificial.

What is it used for?

In addition to its fundamental role in treating acne, it can be used for the treatment and removal of various blemishes and skin affections: wrinkles, skin spots and dermatitis that could characterize the face but also warts, stretch marks and psoriasis that can occur on different areas of the body.

Who to contact?

The chemical peel can be performed both in beauty centers and on an outpatient basis by medical personnel; naturally if done in beauty centers it is less profound than that performed at a dermatological level; therefore, it can only be used for the treatment of the most superficial imperfections. The treatment requires particular attention since the acid substances must be applied correctly and in the right concentrations, so as to avoid complications for the health of the skin and the patient: for this reason it is always recommended to contact competent doctors.