BIOBOTOX: what it is and what it is for

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Among the innovative therapies that we hear more and more about, BIOBOTOX is heard more and more. So let’s understand better what we are talking about.

The Aesthetic Doctor uses a cocktail, composed of different substances including botulinum toxin assisted by a mix of vitamins, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid (Skin-B).

In this way, the production of fibroblasts, endogenous hyaluronic acid (ie produced by the patient himself) and collagen is stimulated for an effect on the skin and superficial muscles.

Patients of different ages and genders can be treated using the mesotherapy technique that allows the drug to be introduced in the neck, face and décolleté area.

A 4mm needle of 30-32g is then used and the treatment follows this calendar:

  • Treatment is started with the administration of the drug
  • After 15 days a treatment is done only with the use of the vitamin cocktail
  • After 30 days the vitamin treatment again
  • so even after 60 days

In this way we have a longer lasting result with a more effective rejuvenating effect and also a lower cost.