Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine: what is it?

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Many times you will have heard that aging is a natural and physiological and above all irreversible process, but a healthy aging is not synonymous with “looking old”.

Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine deals with precisely this: one’s appearance must represent a state of personal, internal and external well-being in which the tissues change as physiologically they are led to change but helped and led towards a healthy and positive aging.

How does it work?

Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine involves a set of techniques and procedures that assist normal and spontaneous cell regeneration, stimulating and triggering processes similar to tissue healing processes. The production of fibroblasts is then stimulated which by producing connective tissue such as collagen leads the tissues to have greater tone, elasticity and brightness.


By far the best anti-aging treatment available, able to counteract the imperfections that appear with the normal aging process of tissues: wrinkles, skin laxity, think for example the sagging of the cheeks or the skin of the arm adjacent to the armpits, the neck skin. But also for residues from conditions such as acne, stretch marks and cellulite.


It is not a time machine! Although many people are happily surprised, with the subjective perception of having recovered years, this is a result that only the individual patient can notice. I remember that I didn’t visit you 5 years before but only today! However, the body has its own “memory” and if normal tissue repair processes are triggered, the body refers to what is written in the DNA. Think of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, naturally present in good quantities in adipose tissue.

Why prefer Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine?

A totally different approach for a totally different client. Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine suggests to people that everything they need is already within them. Written in its DNA is everything the body needs to repair itself and thus regenerate. To give an example, Mesenchymal Stem Cells act as a “messenger” to the cells of the tissue where they are grafted: unlike fillers with external material (such as hyaluronic acid) they are not only gradually reabsorbed but carry the message “let’s build new ones cells “leading to effective regeneration.

In addition to stem cells, however, many other techniques must also be considered, with different purposes, such as chemical peeling, needling and micro needling, biorevittalizing wires, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

To find out what the Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine treatment is in your thing, contact me.