Filler: from what age?

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From what age can the filler be done? And at what age should we start with any treatments? These questions can arise spontaneously perhaps driven by curiosity or nostalgia for a young and toned appearance. When we review old photos and notice the signs of fatigue, despite a long restorative sleep, we understand that perhaps the time has come to accept the natural change but try to slow it down as much as possible.

From what age can the filler be done?

Lips and cheekbones at a young age tend to still be full and fleshy, free from signs of aging and fine lines. However, from the age of 18, it is possible to undergo any treatment which, in this case, will not be aimed at skin rejuvenation and the signs of aging, but will be corrective, to correct small congenital imperfections and go to recreate greater harmony. for our face and our body. In fact, it is possible to contact an aesthetic doctor at a young age for less invasive but equally effective treatments such as a simple rhinofiller or lip filler.

The rhinofiller is a filling treatment that allows you to reshape the shape of the nose without surgery; corrects defects such as nasal hump, helps to obtain a “French” nose or to fill in spaces to create a profile more suited to your needs. The lip filler is one of the most frequent requests from very young patients as it ensures a satisfying and almost imperceptible effect with substances such as hyaluronic acid that recreate the right volumes and the right hydration, but in an extremely natural way.

At what age should we start with any treatments?

If at 20 our young and toned skin makes us extremely attractive, over time, this beauty will evolve, our body will follow the natural aging cycle and we will get that look a little more “vintage” than for strength is synonymous with ugly and old, but that is not always easy to accept. However, this period of time is not as long as we imagine or as we hope it will be, starting from the age of 30, in fact, our skin and our tissues begin to lose tone and elasticity, the lips begin to thin, the eyelids to fall and wrinkles appear slowly on our face.

But if it is true that beauty has no age, aging does not mean neglecting oneself and letting go, passively accepting change, indeed as the years pass we must begin to take more and more care of our body, both from a point of aesthetic view that for our health. This is why the prevention phase is essential. From the age of 30 it is advisable to abandon bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, devote oneself to a healthier lifestyle, a rich and balanced diet and start undergoing specific treatments, a little softer and more delicate like a simple filler to slow down the aging process as much as possible.

For information on the various types of fillers and to know which one is most suitable for you, ask an expert doctor for advice.