Freeze time beauty – freeze gun

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The brand new technique for rapid and effective skin rejuvenation, deeply conveys the active substances with an exponential increase in therapeutic effects.

How does it works?

The high pressure of CO2 stimulates the microcirculation and the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, the thermal shock stimulates the underlying tissues

the treatment produces a

· Immediate EFFECT: smooth skin with disappearance of superficial wrinkles and reduction of deep ones;

Long-term effect: intense stimulation of collagen and elastin production with dermal regeneration and skin texture.


Quickly performed on the face and neck, both to obtain a depigmenting and lifting effect depending on the serum used, a cycle of periodic sessions is recommended (3-4 over 2 months) to be repeated after 6 months if necessary .

The treatment begins with a preparatory peeling, continues with cool freezing followed in turn by a massage.